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Kép My name is Sophie Verla,  I graduated  in  agricultural engineering at the Hungarian Szent István University in Gödöllö.

I wrote my thesis in theme of animal breeding, with title of "Purpose Breeding of Working Sleddogs". I have been a musher for many years, I got my first sleddog in 1992. My first team was 8 show Siberians. They were a little bit slow, and we did not reach good places in the races.

Now I have 12 racing dogs... They are working Siberians, 8 of them are of my own breeding. My current team is a 4 dog team and I have my previous team,my lovely C litter. They are retired now. We moved to Norway in 2019. From 27.01.2023 the homepage become a memory homepage, I can not update it anymore. Hopefully one day we will have a new homepage,now follow us on the Facebook.









Foto: Kim Karisch













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