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New portraits of the new team...


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Summer time





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Finland, Lapland


We are again in Finland and we are training very hard. Our goal is the IFSS European Championship which will be held also in Finland.


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Dunaharaszti, Season Opening Race


It was our first race in the 2013/2014 season. We won all the categories, where we started....  but the most important for me is that the "puppies" run in lead both days. So, I will have perhaps new leaders... It was a great performance of my dogs.


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Finland, Northern Lapland


We are in Finland, enjoy the photoalbum....

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The new Dryland Hungarian Champion team...


My 8 dogs team won the Dryland Championship in Vének... I am very team with the 5 yearlings was very good. We were the fastest team by the final results! They are very young,so I was breaking a lot...We got a silver medal with my 6 dogs team in the category B1 and we got a bronze medal in the Hungarian Championship in Category B. I am very proud of all my teams...and I am also proud of my Yahoo. His puppies from two different females were also in the first places. (category B1 and D)




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First team fotos of the puppies!



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Siberian Husky 6 dog team (with FCI papers) is for sale!


Siberian Husky 6 dog team (with FCI papers) is for sale!

My friend Lajos Köffer would like to sell his team( he asked me for help). They are from the same litter (4 years old), 4 leader in the team. Parents: Icebell's Yahoo (WCh Champion Bronz Medal leader) - Big Taj B.Daisy, leader (Icebell's X-Tex-Lappföldi Fjord Bella). Photos about the dogs: Pedigree:



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We lost our "Big Red Dog"...may he rest in peace...


My lovely Gin I hope you had a beautiful and nice you can meet with your sister and your other friends from the team...You were 14,5 years old...

gin2.jpg gin_pici.jpgimages.jpg

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Curly and Cessna in their new home...


Curly and Cessna in their new home... (under Aktuelles link)

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